Implementation of a V2I Highway Safety System and Connected Vehicle Testbed

Principal Investigator

John Hourdos, Director, MN Traffic Observatory, Civil, Environmental and Geo-Engineering


  • Stephen Zitzow, Research Specialist, Civil, Environmental and Geo-Engineering

Project Summary

Safety and traffic operations concepts based on vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication have been in development for some time. The USDOT is now actively promoting speed harmonization (SPD-HARM) and queue warning (Q-WARN) as the first two most-implementable V2I technologies and has a request for proposals regarding the establishment of connected vehicle (CV) pilots around the country.

With the assistance of MnDOT, the Minnesota Traffic Observatory has studied and experimented with infrastructure-based Q-WARN systems. A permanent field lab has been established at the high-crash area of westbound I-94 in Minneapolis, MN, capturing detailed data on hundreds of crashes. This area experiences more than 100 crashes annually, the majority of them rear-end crashes due to failure to stop or too little headway. This research aims to capitalize on the already extensive instrumentation available at the I-94 Field Lab to develop a CV testbed specifically for the implementation and testing of SPD-HARM and Q-WARN systems. An infrastructure-based Q-WARN system has been implemented since April 2016 and evaluated over three months in summer and fall of 2016. This project added high-resolution radar that provides wide area vehicle trajectories at a 20Hz update interval. The system covers a one-mile section of the test site, including the location where 90% of the crashes take place. The research team is proceeding with the demonstration of the INFLO SPD-HARM and Q-WARN V2I solutions. In subsequent projects, the current site will be enhanced to support fully developed CV safety systems as well as research and evaluation of the underlying human factors of such systems. The final product envisioned will be a fully functional CV testbed uniquely situated to attract freeway safety-oriented V2I and V2V safety application development, implementation, and evaluation projects.

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  • Roadway Safety Institute (USDOT)
  • Minnesota Department of Transportation

Project Details

  • Start date: 08/2014
  • Project Status: Active
  • Research Area: Transportation Safety and Traffic Flow
  • Topics: None