Implementation of High Accuracy Radar Detectors for Traffic Safety Countermeasure Evaluation

Principal Investigator

John Hourdos, Director, MN Traffic Observatory, Civil, Environmental and Geo-Engineering


  • Theodore Morris, Information Tech Manager, Center for Transportation Studies

Project Summary

This research will allow the Minnesota Traffic Observatory (MTO) to acquire two SMS Universal Traffic Management Radar sensor systems and integrate them with its transportable traffic data collector stations. The resulting system will be a flexible data collection tool capable of recording vehicle trajectories in almost any road and intersection. With the two radar units the MTO will be able to cooperate with Washington County, which will fund the data collection effort and analysis per Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) standards. More importantly, the MTO will be able to compete on a national level for projects investigating other traffic safety countermeasures such as time-of-day permissive/protected left-turn signals, workzone speed advisory systems, and others.


  • Center for Transportation Studies

Project Details

  • Start date: 07/2012
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Research Area: Transportation Safety and Traffic Flow
  • Topics: Safety, Traffic Modeling and Data

Reports or Products: