Educational Systems Development


Staff expertise takes transportation and planning research out of the laboratory and into the classroom.

The MTO’s data gathering and traffic simulation capabilities support interactive learning through the development of classroom modules and tools. Simulation tools developed by MTO staff have already been used in University of Minnesota traffic engineering courses, and new teaching tools are currently under development for high-school science classes.

Educational systems engineer Chen-Fu Liao uses his broad expertise in traffic simulation and software engineering to support transportation education at the University of Minnesota. Liao has developed interactive learning tools to help teach the theory and practice of traffic management to civil engineering students.

Lab modules focusing on roadway design and engineering, intersec­tion signal simulation, and vehicle guidance and control have been incorporated into the curricula of civil and mechanical engineering courses. In addition to lab modules, a simulation game designed to teach the principles of intersection traffic control has also been used in the classroom, and is being further developed for online use.